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Towson Sports Medicine Center, the first sports center of its kind in Baltimore, was established in 1984 by Baltimore Colts Team Physician and orthopaedic surgeon at Towson Orthopaedic Associates, by Dr. Kenneth Gertsen. It features state-of-the-art rehabilitation for all orthopaedic injuries and orthopaedic-related problems. A division of Towson Orthopaedic Associates, TSM specialties also include injury treatment programs for athletes at any age, any competitive level, from the adolescent to senior, recreational to Olympic athlete.






Towson Sports Medicine is proud sponsor of the IAAM, Interscholastic Athletic Association an its 30 member schools. We provide High School Team Physicians as well as Athletic Training Coverage for Youth, High School and College sports programs..  READ MORE!
Towson Sports Medicine NEWS
  • Living With Severe Knee Pain?

    Thanks to a New Knee Replacement Option, Rebecca Is Not

    September, 2014–“Rebecca, 68, of Baltimore, MD, is an interior designer who loves to garden and play with her grandchildren, but her life was put on hold because of severe knee osteoarthritis. For years, Rebecca put up with her knee pain but after it caused her to crawl up her

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  • Fall Tips from the Training Room


    What is MRSA?

    Staphylococcus aureus:

    • Otherwise known as staph.
    • Bacteria commonly found on the skin and in the nose of 25-35% of healthy people.
    • Usually does not cause illness or infections.
    • Instead the person is known as a staph carrier.

    Illness or infections occur when:

    • Bacteria gets into the body through cuts, abrasions, wounds, or surgical incisions.
    • Infections can look like pimples, pustules, or boils.
    • Appearance of the

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  • Winter Tips from the Athletic Training Room


    Don’t Let the Cold Slow You Down!

    Running/Walking in Cold Weather

    Running and walking are great ways to keep yourself in shape throughout the year. But when the weather outside is frightful, you may have to adjust your normal routine for your safety and well-being.

    • Wear several light layers and a jacket or windbreaker to keep warm during beginning

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Towson Sports Medicine VIDEOS

Towson Sports Medicine is proud to present a series of sports medicine videos. Click the video on the right, the image links below or review additional topics in the top navigational menu.

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What We Offer at Towson Sports Medicine

fb_200Towson Sports Medicine is recognized as being the best and the largest orthopaedic rehabilitation facilities in the Baltimore area. Our staff of physicians, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers has been serving patients for more than 75 years.Towson Sports Medicine Center offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program for injured and post-surgical patients as well as the competitive, weekend and occasional athlete of any age.We are dedicated to providing superior care to those individuals whose lives are entrusted to us.


Towson Sports Medicine Center
Towson Orthopaedic Associates
Ruxton Professional Center
8322 Bellona Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
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