Towson Sports Medicine Video Library

Our video library contains educational content on a variety of sports medicine topics. We have you covered from balance exercises, to aquatic therapy, to what items should be in your first aid kit for your kids sports team.  Our content was created with input from our Athletic Trainers, Therapists and Physicians.  

Scroll down to view the entire library or select from our list of current video categories:

Aquatic Therapy Exercises

  • Gait Cycle & Stationary Exercises
  • Lower Extremity Functional Exercises
  • Suspended Lower Extremity Exercises
  • Upper Extremity Exercises

Balance Exercises

  • Introductory Balance Exercises
  • Functional Balance


  • Concussions
  • Concussions & Eval Management

General Medical

  • Sports Medicine First Aid Kit

Heat Related Injuries

  • Heat Injuries
  • Heat Related Injuries

Knee Injury Risk Reduction

  • Phase I
  • Phase II,III
  • Phase IV, V

Lower Extremity Exercises

  • Ankle Injury Prevention
  • Hip Stretching
  • Knee Injury Prevention
  • Shin Splints


  • Energy Drinks
  • Game Day Nutrition

Upper Extremity Exercises

  • Specific Information for the Overhead Athlete


  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Flexibility & Stretching
  • Foam Roll Basics

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