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Winter Tips from the Training Room

runner with a wintery backgroundDon’t Let the Cold Slow You Down!

Running/Walking in Cold Weather

Running and walking are great ways to keep yourself in shape throughout the year. But when the weather outside is frightful, you may have to adjust your normal routine for your safety and well-being.

  • Wear several light layers and a jacket or windbreaker to keep warm during beginning of workout. Then you are able to tie the garment around your waist after warming up. Avoid overdressing, your temperature may rise about 20 degrees during workout. Runners will need less clothing than walkers.
  • The first layer should be of synthetic material so sweat can evaporate. The outer shell should be breathable to let heat escape but shouldn’t allow cold air to enter.
  • Always wear a hat and gloves. Most of your body heat is lost through top of head and hands.
    Start workout into the wind and finish with wind behind you. Built up sweat can cause you to become cold when you run into wind.
  • Perform proper stretching and warm-up before your workout. Your muscles should be properly warmed up before stepping out into the cold. The same routine should be performed after the workout.
  • Be aware of icy conditions. If dangerous, consider working out inside performing aerobics or using a treadmill.
  • For Asthmatics: In cold weather, the air entering lungs cannot be fully warmed or humidified. This may cause a bronchospasm. Bronchodilators should be used before your workout.
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