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Towson Sports Medicine physical therapist offers functional assessments for golfers

February 22nd, 2017

Emma Ardolino, PT, DPT, OCS, TPI Certified
 is now offering screenings to help golfers of all levels improve their game. We sat down with Emma to learn a little more about the TPI certification and services offered at TSM.

What is TPI?

The Titleist Performance Institute, TPI, is an organization that works worldwide to educate medical, fitness, and golf professionals on the how functional movement of the human body relates to and can affect one’s golf swing and performance. TPI terms this The Body-Swing Connection.

TPI’s program is based on the Institute’s evaluation of thousands of golfers from weekend players to tour professionals, combined with the expertise of the leaders in all 3 fields. The best players in the world are surrounded by a team of TPI certified professionals.

How did you get involved with golf rehabilitation and TPI?

I have always had an interest in golf. I enjoy playing and watching it. As a physical therapist, I have developed a real intrigue for the body mechanics of the golf swing and the correlation to injury. I see many patients for injuries and surgeries who want to get back to golf, and felt I could combine my interest for golf and my skills as a PT to aid them in their recovery. I found the TPI certification program provides an outstanding and comprehensive education which allows me to expand my knowledge of the golf swing, the connection from the body to the swing, and application to the treatment and training of a golfer.

 What does TPI Level 1 certification mean?

Level 1 certification is the stepping stone to advanced TPI certification, which includes Medical, Golf, Fitness, Power, and Junior Development. The Level 1 certification encompasses an online course and a 2-day seminar in which individuals from the medical, golf, and fitness professions learn The Body-Swing Connection, a physical screen of functional mobility and stability, filming and video analysis of swing characteristics, and application of a vast number of strength, mobility, and stabilization exercises based on limitations found in screening.

 Who do you hope to serve with your TPI certification?therapist assisting patient with therapy exercises

Golfers of all ages and skills levels who:

  • Are interested in learning how he/she can optimize their golf performance, decrease his/her risk for injury, and stay playing golf longer through an exercise program specific to his/her body.
  • Have been referred by a physician for physical therapy with a surgical or non-surgical injury who have the goal of returning to playing golf.
  • Are experiencing pain either during or after playing golf.

 What services are you, and TSM, providing to golfers?

A unique, individualized program based on a one-hour session including:golf video analysis snapshot of a client's golf swing side view

  • TPI assessment of the golfer’s mobility and stability through a series of functional movements.
  • Filming and TPI video analysis of the golfer’s swing.
  • A golf training program that includes corrective, stabilization, and
    strength exercises specific to the golfer’s swing and body movement assessment.
  • Education on posture with golf-specific activities.
  • Education on minimizing pain and decreasing the risk of further injury in golf.
  • To maximize the success of the golfer with his/her TPI program, communication with a golfer’s fitness and/or golf instructor, upon an individual’s request.

Based on the evaluation, recommendation for a referral to an orthopedic specialist may be made for a golfer experiencing pain with golf or non-golf functional activities and/or during testing.

How can someone get in touch with you for a consult, evaluation and pricing?

Contact Emma Ardolino for more information on TPI assessment and pricing options.


golf video analysis snapshot of a client's golf swing back view


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